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Community Service

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Hello, your visit is a pleasure.

Scoring Dreams Travel, is a familiar tourism project focused on sharing Costa Rican experiences with all the world.

Please take a tour on our website and say your arrival time to Costa Rica. 


SCD Travel- Community Service in Costa Rica


New in the global tourism business but old in sharing experiences with others for 20 years, we remember old friends of AFS programs from Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, and the United States. 

The memories lived with our old friends are the motivation to share with students, workers and your families, the "tico" experiences through simple things. 

Now we desire that everyone come to Costa Rica to visit Orosi and have the opportunity through community service to do new friends and impact the community with your help. 

SCD Travel options:


  • Community service.
  • "One Tree" Reforestation Program.
  • Female Soccer.
  • Sports Tourism.

Why SCD Travel?


We are a new option to get to know Costa Rica while helping to improve the community and the planet.

Our support:

20 years of experience in sports.
10 years in social programs
10 years in receptive tourism logistics, cruises, and incentives.
The new program "One Tree" in Orosí.

Community Service "Scoring Dreams".



Do Community Service through sport, cultural, social and musical activities. The activities carried out in the communities motivate the beneficiaries to build a better society.


To Develop the green economy with our "One Tree" program, thinking about the benefit of the communities, projecting Costa Rica to each region around the planet.


  • Benefit people and communities with the experiences of volunteers.
  • Enjoy 5% of the planet's biodiversity.
  • Do it tourism (beaches, rafting, canopy, hiking, etc)  while resting from the Community Service carried out.
  • Enjoy Costa Rican food, traditions and customs.


  • Transfer Airport - Orosí- Airport.
  • Transportation all day.
  • Hotel accommodation.
  • Professional Tourism Guide. (24/7)
  • Community service.
  • Program of sports, artistic, musical and cultural activities.
  • Sports tournaments
  • Tourism in Costa Rica.
  • New friends..
  • Logistic support 24/7.

Right Now

  • Community service of January and November.
  • Program for group of six people or more.
  • Special activities for everyone.
  • Traditions and customs to share with volunteers while enjoying local food.

Who can participate?

  • Sports coaches.
  • Teachers and parents with their children.
  • Workers with business programs are Community Service.
  • Elite athletes.
  • Organizations with social responsibility programs. 
  • Charities.
  • Sports team players.

Coffee Tour (Los Sauces)

Coffee Tour


It is an amazing experience in a small town in the hills of Orosi named Altos de Araya. We offer our coffee tour in Café Artesanal Los Sauces, with the owner Mario Coto Guillen

You have the opportunity of picking the coffee and participate in all processing. Our tour has a pick up in Orosi Valley Lodge, a new little comfortable hotel in the center of Orosi. 



We are in the last picking days of coffee. Yet you have the time to visit us and enjoy the picking. The next month we will start the processing of seeds for the next coffee plantation. 

Coffee Tour Included


- Coffee Tour.

- Modified 4x4 transport.

- Fruits and water.

- Costa Rican traditional coffee and pastry.

- Tour Duration 3 hours.

- Departure from Orosi Valley Lodge.

Prices tour


One person without a bilingual guide: $ 60 USD

One person with a bilingual guide   $ 100 USD

Two or more persons without bilingual guide:$ 45 USD (each one)

Two or more persons with a bilingual guide: $ 80 USD (each one)   

Reservations 24 hours early. 


9:00 Morning tour.

1:00 pm Afternoon tour. 

SCD Travel Options

Community Service "Scoring Dreams"


SCD Travel designed the 15-day program in Costa Rica, to do social work, enjoy tourism and make new friends.

Do 40 hours of Community Service, with sports, cultural, musical and social activities.

You will enjoy Costa Rica Tourism, traditions and customs. You will taste the traditional foods in different regions of the country, with the opportunity to learn to do delicious dishes.

Female Soccer


Supporting the sport, with the enthusiasm to participate in the process of massification of Female's Soccer, you will enjoy sharing with the future promises of Costa Rican female's soccer.

With your participation we will develop clinics, tournaments and scholarships for players looking for options to develop in Costa Rica or outside the country.

One Tree


Collaborating with global reforestation campaigns, One Tree invites you to walk in the mountains, enjoy the fresh air and bird watching, while planting a tree.

One Tree takes place at Finca La Herradura, in the Orosi Spa and spaces in the center of Orosí.

To add flavor, you will enjoy the Coffee Tour in Café Artesanal los Sauces.

The rest of time will be at the hot springs, to continue with the visit to the Colonial Church of Orosí.


Echa un vistazo a este increíble video


Echa un vistazo a este increíble video

Ready to Come

Community Service

We can Change the world together.

SCD Travel

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